Monday, October 11, 2004

We've finally moved. Ok, we moved two weeks ago, but I didn't have internet access then, so it didn't count. Now I have DSL again, I have an office all my own, I have a lovely back yard and a brand new grill. I also managed to see the Pixies a couple weeks ago. It was brilliant. Not a bad life at all.

I got beat up a lot in Kung Fu today, but I've been sick lately. While moving I managed to have pneumonia, a test, a presentation, and a paper. It was like a fucking Enjoli commercial except it didn't smell as pretty and there was no bacon.

After some visitors and a couple of midterms, the rest of October should be mellow. November on the other hand will involve a huge paper, a Kung Fu competition, a Blonde Redhead show, and a trip to Minneapolis. It's more than I want to do in a month.

Now Playing: "Hopefulness to Hopelessness" by Marine Research


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