Thursday, May 26, 2005

Evan slashed his chin open yesterday. He (apparently) fell and hit his chin on a plastic chair. We got the dreaded call from his preschool and brought him to the UCSF emergency room, right across the street from where he was born. Must be some kind of instinct to return to the SOURCE. Anyway, they were very nice to him, the pediatric urgent care facility is beautiful and well appointed for kids. He was incredibly brave despite being hungry and tired, and suffered multiple proddings and probings with his chin up (literally).

injury 003

It turns out that kids are just like toys. When they break, you just glue them back together. Instead of stitches, they used crazy glue. They just pinched the cut closed and applied the glue. He almost had to walk out with a blue latex glove stuck to his chin, but they managed to peel it off. I think that was the most uncomfortable part of the whole evening.


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