Friday, October 15, 2004

I've been wanting a better stereo system for a long time. When we moved, I decided that I wanted some nice speakers for my office. I love music. I haven't purchased new speakers in 15 years (I threw away my old ones when we moved). I figure I deserve this.

I went to Best Buy this morning, just to shop around a bit. I looked at some Denon receivers, some JBL and Klipsch speakers, but it all seemed a bit too expensive. I wasn't looking for a home theater system, I just want something to hook my computer or iPod to. The receivers were too big for my bookshelf and had too many buttons. The labeling was so bad on everything that I couldn't tell how much any of the speakers were. Of course there was no one to help me. I abandoned hope.

I decided to do my Trader Joe's run and try again next week. On my way to Trader Joe's however, I stopped at "House of Music" which just happens to be next door to Trader Joe's. After some consultation and some wandering and listening, I walked out with a Jamo power amp and a pair of Mordaunt-Short speakers. I probably spent a little more than I would have at Best Buy, but I got much better quality and my system is perfect for my needs.

The amp is small enough to fit on my bookshelf without sticking out. It has a power switch, a volume knob, and a fuse (for the overly enthusiastic). The speakers are compact, reasonably attractive, and rated at 150 watts.

It took me about an hour to drill holes in the walls for the speaker wires, and get everything set up. I adapted (read: saber saw, drill, and router) my Ikea bookshelves a bit and placed the Jamo amp. I connected the speakers to it, hooked up my iPod, flicked the power switch, and I haven't stopped drooling yet.

Right now I'm playing Orbit's XLR8R. It is rattling my teeth, pissing off my new neighbors, and making me happier than I've been in months.


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