Monday, November 08, 2004

If you haven't seen this, you probably should:

I think most of the middle states could go too though. I'd be happy enough to just pull away and team up with Canada. Ending up with something like this:

(I have no idea where this image originated. It was given to me by my friend Laura.)

Anyway, Stacy says we should call it something like "The Dominion States of Canadian America." Michael doesn't care what we call the northern bit, but asserts that the Jesusland portion should be named more along the lines of "Heads up their fucking-ass-istan" or "Republic of Moron-ovia."

Me, well, I got stuck on the phonological rule that makes you choose "-istan" to follow "ass" instead of just "-stan." I'm not sure if it's motivated by a desire to keep the "ass" morpheme intact as a unit, or if it's just a preference for epenthesis over deletion (I'm not really sure that it's epenthetical. It looks like it to us English speakers, but -istan shows up in more phonological contexts than simple -stan, so I'm inclined to believe that the underlying form is -istan but there's deletion of the -i- in some environments). That of course got me rolling on syllable structure and stress patterns in compound words. I'm not going to explain what any of this means. It's just a sample of how my mind works lately.



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