Wednesday, November 03, 2004

As bad as that was, and as sad as I am that Kerry gave up before allowing Bush's campaign manager for Ohio count all the votes, at least one really good thing happened yesterday. Over 112 million people voted. The only other thing that has that kind of draw is religion. I'm happy to see democracy taking its rightful place up there with Mohammed, Jesus, Jehovah, Buddha, Shiva, etcetera. After all, isn't democracy in large part about faith? Faith that the people are worthy of governing themselves, faith that they will make the right choices, faith that wrongs can be righted if enough people care?

It's difficult for me to believe that so many people approve of the horrible things that Bush has done to our economy, our credibility, and our standing as a global citizen. And I don't believe for an instant that people are honestly afraid of getting attacked by terrorists if we elected Kerry. In fact, I think the terrorists want Bush to be the president. It makes for easier recruiting, and Bush is far more likely to erode the constitution and create the kind of government that the terrorists are used to.

Even if we don't always get what we want, democracy is the right thing. Yesterday millions of people went out and all did the same thing. They showed that they care enough to make their voices heard. Now if we could just get them to sing a better song...


PS. Read The Constitution. Really. Read it. It's pretty spectacular.